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Import / Export Collection Agency

Our collection agency offers premium collection services throughout the Import/Export area. We are a highly seasoned collection agency specializing in the collection of commercial claims. Our collection staff is geared to handle all of your Import/Export bad debt receivables expeditiously and professionally. 

As a premium import/export collection agency, we serve the business to business debt collection needs of both large and small companies throughout the world, including the entire U.S.

Our collection fees are contingent based and quite naturally, if we don't collect, you don't pay.  When we do collect, our collection agency receives a percentage of the money collected. We provide collection services throughout the world regardless of where your debtor is located. 

A leader in the Collection Industry because our clients like what we provide:
  • Lower cost
  • Ease of operation
  • Worldwide service
  • Personal service on each debtor
  • Positive results while retaining customers
  • LAW FIRM pre-litigation service that is used when warranted.
  • Creative, in-house cash flow strategies, that recover more, reducing bad debt.

Our collection personnel are experts in import/export debt collection. We have a wealth of experience collecting import/export claims and specialize in the collection of import/export bad debt. We can provide these services to your company for debts located anywhere in the world. Our collection agency has been providing successful import/export collection services for clients both large and small for many years.

We know the importance of handling your import/export accounts receivable quickly and efficiently in order to optimize the recovery ratio of your debt portfolio. We believe that our agency is your best choice to collect your import/export accounts receivable. We don't say that simply to boast. We back it up with hard work, expertise and best of all, results! We are confident that you will get more money in your bank faster with our import/export collection agency than with all the others you have tried. 

Our collection agency can design a import/export collection campaign to suit your company needs. We hope that you give us a chance to prove our mettle with your import/export receivables. After all, we specialize in the collection of import/export claims. Most collection agencies collect many different types of debt and do not specialize in a certain type of debt collection as we do. 

If you have commercial import/export claims, you need a collection agency that specializes in the collection of commercial import/export claims as they are more complex to collect and require special collection techniques, knowledge and professional strategy to attain a high recovery ratio. Whether you use our collection services or those of a competitor, it just makes sense that an agency that specializes in the collection of import/export receivables is going to do a better job for you than one that doesn't. Import/export collections should be done only by highly experienced professionals, that is, if you want the job done right.   

Our experienced and professional collection staff is ready to serve your company across the globe. 




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